Welcome to The Playground

by Game of Life

What is the Playground?

This is a place where you can learn, play and hang out with others.


We have a number of Free Bootcamps that address most people's main needs: Self Mastery, Financial Freedom, and Relationships.

Free Bootcamps: 

  • NFT & Metaverse Investing Masterclass

  • Big 5 Traits Deep Dive

  • Self Mastery: Coming Soon

Technology & Psychology

We are creating a number of tools, like our Psychometrics Test, Values Assessment, etc that will help you better understand yourself and how to best work with others in a community. 

We are then leveraging NFTs and the Metaverse to create Games that reward you when you create and share value with the community. 

Our Mission is to create a community of people that are helping each other achieve their goals in a state of Flow that, on scale, creates a Virtuous Cycle.

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